MEC Addheat Difference

Based in Taiwan with manfuacturing hub in China and Development Hub in California.  Today, MEC ADDHEAT CO., LTD. is the world's largest supplier of wearable heating system wth more than 10 years of experience in low voltage wearable heating systems,  

MEC ADDHEAT’s core philosophy is to provide added warmth with safe & proven technology.

As the pioneer in several heating technology breakthroughs, MEC ADDHEAT is trusted by many of the world’s reputable brands as their wearable heating technology partner.  From fabric to the heating module, we keep all manufacturing processes under one roof to ensure quality and safety.

AddHeat Inside

Today's Apparel Designer can go beyond picking the latest fabric, insulation or color trends for the next collection.  With the help from Team Addheat, outerwear manfuacturers can ADD Werable Heating Technology into the next winter's line from head to toes. jacket, vest, gloves down to pants & shoes.

Utilizing your existing supply chain of garment builders & fabric suppliers.  We can designed a customed heating module that can be easily intergrated & installed by the factories that you are already working with.  


This method speeds up the product development cycle and allows you to seamlessly launching your next winter collection.

Let us help transforming your apparel line from "PASSIVELY KEEPING WARM" into "ACTIVELY GENERATING WARMTH" in short time.

The leading manufacturer of wearable heating technology.

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